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Qualities to look for an I.T support provider

Businesses need an I.T. team to look after their networking system. To make sure that everything is under control and the businesses can focus on its growth. However, there are instances especially for small business that they cannot acquire or hire their own I.T. team due to the fixed regular payment. But now, outsourcing an…

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MUST-HAVES! Technology that you need before opening a location

Opening a business takes a lot of preparation and effort. From hiring the staff needed to the equipment and latest technology that should be used. Bringing the latest and most up-to-date technology can be costly but it should be a priority to achieve the business goal. Today, we’ll share with you the top 4 technology…

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Most common causes of poor network performance

Many people are using the internet whether it is work-related, school-related or just simply browsing the net. And sometimes, we’re experiencing slow or poor internet speed/connection. In business, this kind of issue is a big NO-NO! Poor network performance means a loss in the business. In this article today, we collate the most and common…

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