Most common technology issues small businesses are facing

Technology is essential to small businesses as it will predict how far the business can go. Without technology, a small business won’t be able to compete for head to head with its competitors. Though we understand the struggle when it comes to building a secure and stable I.T. system, this must consider first when planning to put up a business.

We have listed below the most common technology issues small businesses are facing…

1. Data Recovery System / Backup System

          Businesses have tons of data to store, whether it is a small or large business. Large businesses definitely have more data compared to small businesses but the procedure is just the same. Having no data recovery system will put your business at risk in a time of data loss most especially in the event of a natural disaster such as fire, flood or earthquake. The data recovery system will also allow the business to get back their data in case of data loss due to hacking or other cyber threats.

2. Upgrades – System, hardware, and software

          We must face it; technology is as efficient as it can be when it is upgraded. Continuous innovation gives businesses the best of technology they can ever have. Old systems had difficulties incorporating new systems. Upgrades are there because of the changes in the technology and it will provide the business more efficiency and security.

3. Network/System Security

          Small businesses are prone to cyber threats because cybercriminals are aware that they do not have the facility to secure their system. Small businesses are most targeted due to lacking security measures. Small businesses must understand that it would be even harder once your entire networking system will get compromise by cyber threats. It would be harder to bounce back as it will surely cost you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Network security should be the top priority to ensure the safety of your data as well as your employees.

4. Preventive Maintenance

          Do not wait for your office equipment to break before replacing them. Keeping your hardware in its best condition will save you money from replacing them sooner than it is expected. Having preventive maintenance will keep your equipment fresh and will definitely last longer.


Facing technology issues is difficult as it can be. Business owners must understand that managing their technology will give them the advantage over competitors and to keep their business updated and moreover on top of the competition. Technology changes day after day, so make sure that your business is always updated.

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