Security and Access Control Systems

Keeping your business safe and secure is important.

Security and access control systems do more than just provide protection. They give you peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and secure even when you're not there. A security and access control system can also help save you money by helping to reduce inventory reduction, save on costly insurance premiums, and give you evidence in the case of liability issues should they arise.

What are the benefits of installing a security system in your business? It has been proven that security systems help to:

  • Improve employee accountability
  • Reduce theft and other criminal activity
  • Supply proof of deliveries
  • Serve as a virtual witness in case of accident

Access control units are more than just gatekeepers. They have many purposes, such as:

  • Allowing access to building or particular location(s) within the building, particularly now when face mask use is a priority!
  • Logging time in and out of building
  • Limiting access during certain hours of the day
  • Granting remote access via phone or computer even when you're out of the area or country
  • Establishing security access protocols for proof of identity such as video, audio, fingerprint, etc.

What types of services do our team of experts provide:

  • A thorough assessment of your needs including an on-site visit
  • Assistance in selecting a system that suits your needs and fits your budget
  • Determine camera location, setup, additional services needed like paging or intercom
  • Link system to software that can be easily accessed from your desktop or mobile device

At Jackson Technologies, we can even show you how to integrate the latest technology of face mask detection and no-contact temperature monitoring like Thermal Tablet into your security protocols.

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