Data Encryption… GOOD or BAD?


With different cyber attacks from all over the web, different channels, and in many forms... it is imperative that protection must be in place. Passwords, multi factor authentication, antivirus and malware protection are some of the ways to protect your data from hackers. However, with all these efforts in securing your data there's still a high risk that your data can and will be compromised. On the other hand, with DATA ENCRYPTION, there are absolute advantages in securing your data.



Data encryption is a security method where the data is being encoded in compounded code and can only be accessed or decrypted with the correct code. Encrypted data appears disorder and illegible.

With encrypted data in place, you will worry less about your privacy. Encryption will keep unwanted visitors/users from accessing your sensitive data.



Computers today are so vulnerable with cyberthreats and different kinds of attacks. It is very important that you know how to handle, secure, and protect your business' sensitive data from hackers. Encryption is important and cannot be understated due to it's high level of significance keeping your data from cybercriminals. The process of data encryption ensures your files can not be penetrable and compromised.



  • passwords
  • bank accounts
  • personal information (social security number, health details, phone numbers, address)
  • other confidential data


Often securing one's data is disregarded.  Most people think because they backup their data up it doesn't need to be secured. . However, backing up data doesn't mean hackers can't get into it. Data encryption is your best weapon to have your data intact and secured.



  1. Cost of a data breach by number of records lost.
  2. As per Statista, in 2020, 56% of enterprise respondents said their internet communications had extensive encryption deployed. 27% had only partially deployed encryption for their internet communications.
  3. According to Varonis, a staggering 53% of companies left over 1,000 sensitive files and folders unencrypted and open to all of their employees
  4. Cybersecurity Ventures estimated over 300 billion passwords worldwide would need to be protected in 2020.
  5. A Varonis 2021 financial data risk report found that around 21.43% of companies worldwide have 1500+ account passwords that don’t expire.


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