Cabling & Wiring Services

Low voltage wiring

Whether you’re trying to solve an existing problem or starting a project from the ground up, partner with Jackson Technologies on your next cabling and wiring project. We have experience installing and servicing telecommunications systems in facilities that range from small, medium, large and HUGE in size. Whether you need to equip a single site or link multiple locations, Jackson Technologies is the right team of experts to link with on the project.

We can handle the permitting process where it’s mandated. Help you plan for not just your needs today but look ahead for future expansion. The possibilities are endless and we want to help you get the job done right.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the lates technology offering much more than just your standard light bulb action. LED light can:

  • Provide mood lighting
  • Save energy with on/off sensors
  • Control light brightness by time of day
  • Use color coding for stop/go and emergency alert systems
  • Help monitor and control power usage

New Office/Remodel Buildout

Looking to upgrade or expand your office space? By partnering with Jackson Technologies, you’re getting more than just an IT service provider. We also specialize in:

  • Complete office wiring
  • Wireless internet systems
  • A/V system installation
  • Media players
  • Overhead music and paging
  • and much more!

Don’t get tangled up in the details. Let us help you today!