The Cloud Advantages You Didn’t Know Existed!


Getting the best business leverage from the cloud is as easy as partnering with Jackson Computer Consulting.

If you do anything with a computer these days, you are interacting with the cloud whether you know it or not. From social media to e-commerce the cloud is King in today’s technology. Why is that? Check out these cloud capabilities that have revolutionized today’s business.

  • 24/7 Availability – allows your business to be open to customer questions
  • Global Mobility – allows you to work remotely and hire globally
  • Global Sales – allows you to advertise and sell your product on a global scale
  • Computing Power – allows you to leverage the massive capability of mega computers
  • Storage – allows you the flexibility of nearly endless storage capacity
  • Communications – allows you to do business seamlessly via instant chat, email, voice, and video

What keeps business owners like you from embracing the benefits the cloud offers?

  • Fear of “New” Technologies – The cloud isn’t new anymore and has been adopted by large corporations and small business alike.
  • Concerns Around Security – Your data is more secure in the cloud than it is on an in-house computer or server.
  • The Desire To Control – The cloud has more controls and analytics available to the user than any system ever developed!

What cloud services does Jackson Computer Consulting support?

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Apps
  • Amazon AWS
  • Cloud Backup
  • Image Backup
  • Server and Machine Virtualization

The cloud economy is here! We can help you navigate it. Contact the Jackson Computer Consulting team today at (412) 853--3708 or [email protected] for a no-obligation conversation.

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