Cyber Security


It’s all in the details! Get the building blocks of I.T. security right by partnering with Jackson Computer Consulting.

While there are IT companies out there that offer BIG cyber-security plans for which they charge BIGGER dollars, Jackson Computer Consulting is laser-focused on getting the small details of business technology security right for our clients. We know that huge promises mean nothing if the small details are overlooked or neglected.

  • Password Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Network Security
  • Google Apps Email Security
  • Anti-virus Management
  • Anti-malware Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Employee IT Awareness Security Training

By partnering with superb I.T. software and hardware suppliers such as Ubiquity, Cisco, Sophos, Google, and Microsoft, we can offer the best in finely tuned I.T. security to our valued clients.

We can analyze a customer’s site and recommend and install security upgrades – such as firewall install or upgrade – as well as monitor intrusion alerts, analyze /modify password requirements, in additional to installing / verifying Windows server and desktop security patches.

Why do you need the Jackson Computer Consulting I.T. security solution?

  • Because your customers expect their private information to be protected.
  • Because your business associates don’t want viruses worse coming to them from your system.
  • Because there are criminals out there who would love to steal from you and do your business harm.

Having the right I.T. security solution in place means that you can:

  • Do business online with confidence!
  • Finally be rid of junk emails!
  • Know that your passwords are secure!
  • Connect to your WIFI without worry!

To talk to one of our I.T. specialists about our I.T. security solution, call the Jackson Computer Consulting team today at (412) 853--3708 or send an email to [email protected] .

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