Identify theft is a crime in which attackers use personal or financial information from a victim to commit fraud and/or unauthorized access. Identity theft occurs in different ways where victims are left devastated by the damage not only to their finances but also to their reputation.

How does identity theft work?

  • Identity theft is often linked to phishing or other social engineering attacks. Criminals use the victim's sensitive information to gain money or goods.
  • There are several forms of identity theft, but the most common and dangerous is financial.
  • Various cybersecurity tools and programs can help users keep track of their credit reports, unauthorized use of Social Security Numbers, and other financial activity.
  • Recovering from identity theft is not a "walk in a park" scenario. According to The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it takes roughly 6 months and 200 hours of work to recover from an identity theft.


Identity Workflow:


A phishing attack that's designed to capture someone's password or other credentials.


To acquire credentials that allow cybercriminals to log into company systems and applications. Highly privileged passwords that belong to administrators or executives are specially prized.


Credential theft can happen through email, SMS text, instant messaging - even by phone. This slippery foe can wear many disguises like:

A message that directs the recipient to enter a password on a webpage

An alert that it's time to update your password

An inquiry about a password that's needed for a seemingly routine task

A notice that an app has changed, and you'll need to create a new account


Cybercriminals use the stolen credentials to walk right in the front door of a company, enabling them to install malware, steal data, or gain access to systems without raising suspicion until it's too late.


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