Many people are using the internet whether it is work-related, school-related or just simply browsing the net. And sometimes, we’re experiencing slow or poor internet speed/connection. In business, this kind of issue is a big NO-NO! Poor network performance means a loss in the business.

In this article today, we collate the most and common possible reasons for poor network performance.

1. Old networking hardware

Using old equipment can be a headache. With old equipment sometimes network or system updates are no longer available. Therefore it can cause slow performance.

2. Defective devices

This is common sense! If your devices are not in good shape, especially if it has physical damage, slow to no network connection will most likely to happen. Networking equipment should be always in good condition. Any signs of physical damage should not be disregarded.

3. Malware and other viruses

This is the reason why you need a reliable antivirus program/service to keep your network system away from any kind of viruses. Viruses can cause a lot of trouble in your network. Not only it will slow down your network performance but the most are it will damage your equipment.

4. Network structure

Your network structure should match according to the usage. Design your network structure based on how many users will be on the same network, know the devices compatibility, network traffic, etc. You have to know every single detail about your network before building it or else you will all experience a poor network performance.

5. Network configuration

Correct network configuration is a must to receive better connection. Each device has its code and it should match how the network has been set up. Putting devices in correct setting will not only speed up your connection but also lessen the incorrect data usage.

6. Cable choice

Oftentimes, cables are not given much attention when it comes to setting up a networking system. It is recommended to use compatible cables to every device. Also, damaged cables can cause poor network performance.


Poor network performance is avoidable if we pay attention to the causes that might obstruct the network for not performing well. Having a better network connection will not only make us productive but also efficient in whatever we do. And in the business world, having the right and functional networking system means good business.

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