Tips on how to increase internet security in your workplace

In your workplace, internet security matters every single second of the time you are spending. One wrong move and the business’ entire network system be jeopardized or might be at risk. This is because the internet or cyber threats are getting more powerful in each passing day. Businesses can lose tons of money once they get hit by cyber threats, whether it is a simple virus infection to getting attacked by hackers.

We’ll share with you some basic but essential tips on how to increase internet security in your workplace:

1. Password security

          Password is one of the basic precautions that sometimes get disregarded. Employees tend to set up easy passwords and too lazy to create a complex one. Set up your email client or other online systems to set up a password with a few requirements. For example, it must be an 8-digit password, a combination of letters and numbers, and must include a special character. Set up an automatic password change like every 3 months or 6 months, whichever works for your business – this should prompt automatically to your employees’ computer and will not allow them to use it unless a password has been changed.

2. Install a Firewall

          We must admit, employees tend to get bored when working on some heavy projects or tasks and to cut this off, they browse websites that could be a threat to your company’s network system. By installing a firewall, it will block the users from accessing unauthorized websites.

3. Never allow any downloads not made by your I.T. team

          Have your I.T. team design a system that will not allow unauthorized downloads especially  non-work related ones. This will lessen the possibility of getting computer viruses or get attack by hackers.

4. Do not allow your employees’ personal device to be connected on your network

          Though, we understand the need for employees to bring their personal devices like mobile phones at their workplace it sometimes the source of security risk. If you will allow your employees to bring their personal devices at work, make sure that they will not get to be connected to your network. But, for fun and stress-free workplace, set up a separate network where your employees can connect to the internet.

5. Educate your employees about network security

          Sometimes, after all the precautions that your company did to secure the network, it can always boil down to employees’ awareness. Educate them properly about network security, the risk, threats, and effect once the network has been jeopardized. Let your I.T. team discuss everything about the security and precautions that the company is taking to avoid a security breach. Work with your employees and let them feel secure and protected.


Network security is highly important to keep your business up and running. It will also determine how secured and protected your employees are. Make sure your company exercise security precautions and making your employees happy and efficiently working.

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