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Archive for December 2018

Stuck in your old phone system? Make an upgrade now to VoIP System.

Does your company still use the old telephony system? Make the switch now to the VoIP system. VoIP system is a technology that allows you to make phone calls via use of the Internet connection instead of using the regular phone system. Upgrading to the VoIP system, you are taking advantage of the cost and…

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Tips on How to take good care of your computer.

Taking care of your computer will not only save your money but also your stored data in it. They say desktop computers last longer than laptop computers, but it is not always the case. Computer life depends on how users use it and how they took care of it.   As I.T. professionals, we receive…

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CYBER SECURITY – Be Aware and Protected.

Cybersecurity is a protection for your computer/internet related systems which includes hardware, software and data system.   Just like us, we wanted to be protected from all kinds of unpleasant people like robbers, intruders, burglars. Our internet connected system should also be protected as we store lots of data and important files in there. As…

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