Does your company still use the old telephony system? Make the switch now to the VoIP system. VoIP system is a technology that allows you to make phone calls via use of the Internet connection instead of using the regular phone system. Upgrading to the VoIP system, you are taking advantage of the cost and flexibility. Why? If you have the VoIP system, you can add or remove lines in a matter of a few clicks. You can save as much as 50% than the traditional phone carrier’s system plus many more features! VoIP is best for businesses as the system runs through the broadband internet and not on the old phone lines. This means less voice issue and clearer communication. Also, VoIP is completely made for business.

What are the benefits in trusting Jackson Computer Consulting as your VoIP provider?

  1. JCC will perform T1 & PRI extensions, which will set up your high-speed internet transmission line to any location you needed it in your facility.
  1. JCC will set up your network and run network cable.
  1. JCC ensures 100% reliable internet connectivity.
  1. JCC provides staff management training.
  1. JCC sends out dedicated, knowledgeable and efficient I.T. Professionals.

Forget about your old traditional phone system and switch now to the fastest and more reliable VoIP system which will give you more reliability, cost-efficient, great business communications, flexibility and mobility.

Talk to our professionals now and get a free quotation on setting up your VoIP system.

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