Tips on How to take good care of your computer.

Taking care of your computer will not only save your money but also your stored data in it. They say desktop computers last longer than laptop computers, but it is not always the case. Computer life depends on how users use it and how they took care of it.


As I.T. professionals, we receive a number of job orders about computer problems from hardware to software. We will be sharing some tips on how to take good care of your computer and its software.




  1. Avoid placing food and drinks near your computer. This will prevent any incident such as water spills, foods getting into your keyboard that can cause a blockage.


  1. Clean your computer regularly. Wiping dust from your computer is one of the easiest tasks to do. Just wipe it with a clean and dry towel starting from the screen, laptop cover, keyboard, computer and monitor (if using a desktop) and the cables.


  1. Keep your computers away from children’s reach. Sometimes kids tend to be curious about computer and so they play with it.


  1. Make sure that your hands are dry before using your computer. This will prevent excess water dripping on your keyboard and also avoid the smudges.


  1. Attachable. USB, hard drive, headphones, speaker cables, and other adapter’s can do harm on your computer too. Make sure that they are clean and free from dust. For USB and hard drives, make sure that they are virus free too. Never plug in a drive if you don’t know its origins!


  1. When traveling, buy a laptop bag that fits your computer. Do not place them in your luggage with all your stuff in it to avoid damaging your laptop cover or screen.


  1. Take good care of your laptop battery. Dust them often. If it’s not necessary to use the battery, plug in your computer to power cable until you’re done using your computer.


  1. Do not lift your laptop computer by the screen as it will damage it and a possibility of dropping it will be prevented. Hold and carry them by the base.





  1. Make sure that your computer programs are up to date. The software developers put these out to patch issues with the software to ensure that its bug free so it is important to have the latest versions.


  1. Update your computer’s Operating System whenever the update is available. This will give you the latest support and features from your Operating System as well as prevent security holes.


  1. Uninstall unnecessary programs. Do not store programs that you’re not using. It is best to keep only those that are being used for greater performance and security.


  1. Verify only the minimum programs auto run upon start-up, there are a few places to check this. For help please contact us for a free tune up!


  1. Delete old files and empty the recycle bin from time to time. This will also prevent your computer from slowing down.


  1. Choose the appropriate and faster browser for your computer. Windows computer can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and for Mac use Safari.



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