What to look for in an anti-virus software for your computer?


Because of the growing number of viruses, it is a must that your computer is protected with anti-virus software. This is not only to protect your data but also your computer from getting damaged. Viruses can be found anywhere – from emails, attachments, links, apps, and websites.

There are many anti-virus software you can choose from. There are free and paid ones. But what anti-virus software best suits your computer needs? In this article, we’ll give you a guideline that you can use in choosing the right anti-virus software for your computer.

1. The anti-virus that can block malware attack

Look for anti-virus software that is effective against malware attacks. Malware such as spyware and ransomware are both quite hard to recognize by users unless the virus message appears on their computer monitor. Choose an anti-virus that can easily be determined or recognized by this kind of virus and block it from entering your computer system.

2. Anti-virus with an integrated ad blocker

Virus creators are getting wiser and more resourceful. They can create an attack called “malvertising”. This kind of attack came from advertisements found on websites or social media pages and even in some apps. Most of the malvertising will trick the user into clicking on the ad or link and from there virus will spread on the computer. Therefore you must consider this requirement when looking for anti-virus software.

3. Anti-virus hosted by a legitimate developer

This is a very important thing to check first before downloading or installing your chosen anti-virus. You must check first the legitimacy of the developer or host of the anti-virus software. Check their background, and search for reviews or feedback about the software and the company itself. Once you have done your research, make sure to download the software from the company’s website or other trusted sites.


Anti-virus software is essential and a needed tool for every computer user. This anti-virus software is like your “computer vitamins” that protect your computer from viruses and other common cyber threats. To protect not only your computer but also your important data, ensure that anti-virus software is installed and updated on your computer.

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