Tips on how to strengthen your Network Security

Network Security should always be the top I.T. priority when you are running a business. Having a strong and tight network security means that business stability and reliability. Investing in your network security can save your business hundreds of dollars during extenuating circumstances, most especially in cyber threats.

We have compiled the tips you may consider to strengthen your business’ Network Security.

1. Firewall

First on your list should be your Firewall. Firewall blocks any access to malicious sites and apps. Cyber threats are coming from untrusted websites or simply from email attachments. By having a properly configured Firewall, there’s no way for users to access malicious sites and contents as it will automatically block the user from getting in.

2. Update your network equipment

Using outdated network equipment is not advisable most especially these days where cyber threats are becoming stronger and wiser. All network equipment has the ability and option to get upgraded. By regularly updating your equipment such as router, switch, firewall, and etc. you will get an additional security and protection.

3. Imposed a Password Policy

Password is one of the key factors to keep your network secured from cyber threats. Based on study, hackers penetrates to network that doesn’t have strong password. They can easily get in into the network and if this happens, you can say “good bye” to your data and worst to your business. Therefore implementing a strong password policy to every user is very important.

4. Cyber Security Orientation / Training

Users must be equipped with training and orientation about cyber security. Educating all users to know how protect your network will help them save the business as well. They must know all the precautions to take for them not to be a victim of cyber threats. Empower your users with knowledge and tools.

5. Never allow non-work related internet access and downloads

By accessing unauthorized websites and downloading malicious apps or files can put your network at risk. Most hackers and other internet threats linger from untrusted websites and illegal downloads. Only allow your users to use their devices for work-related things.


The growing number of cyber threats is the main antagonist for businesses. Having a strong, reliable, and stable network is the key to keep your business in the game. Every network has its own loophole, but do not let this loophole ruin your business and in risk. Always have a scheduled preventative maintenance to make sure that your network is in good position over cyber criminals. Think ahead of them and your business will be safe.

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