Many of us (especially non-techy) are a bit confused on the difference between a broadband and DSL. Many tend to care only about their internet connection and whether they have a slow or a fast speed. But knowing the difference between the two can help when our internet becomes stuck, down or in need of repairs.

Today, in this article we will simplify the meaning and purpose of broadband and DSL.

What is Broadband?

Broadband is a general term which refers to high-speed Internet services. Broadband is way faster than dial-up service.

4 Types of Broadband Internet

  • Cable Internet
  • Satellite Internet
  • Fiber optic Internet
  • DSL Internet

What is DSL?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) uses telephone wiring to provide an internet connection. Though DSL is attached or tied up with a telephone wire, it does not interfere or obstruct the telephone service. DSL connections are mostly offered in more places rather than the broadband service.

The basic difference between Broadband and DSL is the area of coverage. It always depends on the actual location whether the best option would be a Broadband or DSL service.


When acquiring for an Internet service, always conduct a quick survey in your area. Check the available providers, the signal strength and availability of the internet connection. You can also read some reviews about the Internet service available in your area and get to know what service works the best. Having an Internet service nowadays can be costly, so it is important that you check your preference first before contracting with a provider.

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