The benefits of choosing JCC as your Managed I.T Services Provider

Many I.T. companies promises to do everything to keep your business up and running, competitive, and always in the loop but the cost could be hundreds of dollars which small business sometimes cannot afford.

Jackson Technologies knows what small businesses are going through and our focus is to help them with their I.T. needs at an affordable and flexible rate. We understand that each business has its own I.T. service level that needs attention that is why Jackson Technologies came up with different service levels for your business needs.

Most businesses have their own demands when it comes to their networking system and how it should work. Jackson Technologies’ Managed I.T. Service can be customized according to the business I.T. plan.

Here are some inclusions in our Managed I.T. Services:

  1. Desktop Services – We would like to keep your office computers up and running at all times. We understand that productivity is one of the key factors to keep your business growing. Providing your staff the best computer service is all they needed to become more reliable, flexible, and productive.
  2. Servers – As we all know, servers are the lifeline of our business. Having downtime can cost a lot and sometimes business failure. Having JCC as your Managed I.T. Service provider will give you the peace of mind that active monitoring, assessment, immediate response to I.T. issues will be provided.
  3. Cloud-based Services – Back-ups and storage are very important to protect your business data. We can configure support for image and virtual backups.

Should you need someone to take care of your I.T. needs, Jackson Technologies is the best team to call.

We can be reached at (412) 853-3708 or simply send us an email at [email protected].

“We do I.T. so you don’t have to”