Backup and Disaster Recovery… how important it is?

Facing natural disasters, an emergency or extenuating circumstances are the things businesses don’t want to experience. Losing company data can lead to business failure. Though most companies have their own type of backup, the question is: How far back your business can recover a data loss? How complicated it is to recover the data? Can your business survive a data loss? In case of fire, sudden power outage or data loss due to hacking incident can your business survive it?

Those are the questions your business should think when talking about backup and disaster recovery.  It is important that your business is always prepared and will be able to bounce back after a data loss. Having a reliable backup and disaster recovery program that fits your business is truly the best weapon against business failure.

So, how important it is to have a Backup and Disaster Recovery Program? Aside from the few questions, we asked above, we’ll give you these more critical questions below to determine how prepared your business is…

1. Can your business easily recover your company data?

2. What other forms of communication does your business have aside from telecommunication?

3. When a natural disaster strikes, how would your employees be able to work aside from going to the office?

4. How accessible is your data during an emergency situation?

5. Can your business survive when you lost access to your server?

6. How secure is your company data is?

7. Do your employees know their responsibility in case of a natural disaster?

Is your answer “NO” to any of the above questions? If so, you should start preparing now to strengthen your Backup and Disaster Recovery Program. We recommend you not to wait for your business to lose data due to negligence or unpreparedness. Business data means a lot any company and providing the right program will save you not only hundreds of dollars to get back on track but also to prevent losing your entire business.

Jackson Technologies provides a Backup and Disaster Recovery Program that will surely fit small to medium-sized businesses. We can customize the program based on what your business needs. We are continuously working on updated programs to make sure that your business won’t be left behind and stay in a competitive position.

To get more details on our Backup and Disaster Recovery Program, contact us through (412) 853-3708 / [email protected] for immediate assistance.

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