How many words per minute can you do?

An average computer user can do at least 40 wpm (words per minute). However, if your job involves a lot of typing your average should at least at 60wpm.

Typing can be very tricky. There are two types of typists – Touch Typist and Two-finger Typist. The touch typists are ones who do not use the sense of sight to find the keyboard keys. Touch typist knows exactly the location of each key and their eyes focus on the computer monitor. They place 8 of their fingers in a horizontal row along with the keyboard and their two thumbs on the space bar.

Two-finger typists are the ones who use two of their fingers to type. The trick that they are using is the familiarization of the location of the keys. Their eyes toggle between the keyboard and monitor.

Both typists can be as fast as they want, along with their typing skills are the keyboard shortcuts that are very useful to become more efficient in typing.

Finger position in Typing

Keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL+F = search for text or word.

CTRL + A = select all

Windows Key + Arrow = split window

Shift + Arrow Key = to highlight a word, sentence or text

Shift + Click = to select multiple items in an orderly manner

CTRL + Click = to select two or more items that are not in order.

CTRL + Shift + V = Paste as plain text

CTRL + Shift + T = to restore closed browser tab

CTRL + D = to bookmark a webpage

Windows Key + M = to minimize all open windows

Windows Key + L = to lock your PC

ALT + Tab = to toggle between open windows

Shift + Space = to select a row in Excel

CTRL + Shift + B = open bookmarks menu

ALT + S or CTRL + Enter = to send an email

CTRL + R = to reply in an email

CTRL + P = for printing purposes

F5 or CTRL + R = to refresh a web page

Shift + F7 = to use Thesaurus Lookup in Microsoft Word

ALT + F4 = to close any Windows app

We hope that the tips and tricks we have provided you above can help you become a more efficient typist and make typing a lot easier.

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