Why Cyber Safety Is Important

An organization that practices cyber safety has a much higher chance of preventing different forms of data breaches and keeping confidential data safe. A data breach will not only result in a loss of personal information but also expose your organization to more damaging effects such as a bad reputation, extortion, and business closure.

IT help for small businesses is becoming increasingly popular as business owners are now more aware of what can happen if cyber safety is not in place. Without cyber safety, businesses are putting themselves at risk of becoming the next cyberattack target.

5 Most Common Cyber Attacks:

  • MALWARE: This type of cyberattack can be installed through email attachments, drive-by downloads, or by clicking on links in malicious websites. Malware will enter your system/network without your consent and cause great damage, such as stealing passwords or money.
  • PHISHING: This kind of cyberattack is a quick way for hackers to get your confidential data. This attack usually comes from email and will trick your employees if you’re not presenting them with proper security awareness training for businesses.
  • IDENTITY THEFT: This attack begins with a cybercriminal tricking you into giving up your personal information. From there, the hackers use your information to assume your identity and make purchases. Identity theft can occur through data breaches, malware activity, credit card theft, and insecure browsing.
  • CYBER BULLYING: This kind of attack occurs when a person uses the internet to intentionally harm someone else. Online harassment, impersonation, cyberstalking and trickery are all parts of cyberbullying.

RANSOMWARE: Involving monetary payments, this kind of attack is commonly seen in businesses. The attacker will penetrate your system, steal your personal information, and declare a network down until you pay the price to get your information back.


Cyber threats raise major concerns for the security of your systems and network. However, implementing proper cybersecurity measures will take you a long way. Paul Jackson, CEO and Cybersecurity Specialist of Jackson Technologies has known many companies who suffered from cyberattacks and found it extremely challenging to bounce back from large security incidents. Let’s keep this from happening to you!

If you’re seeking IT help for small businesses, our experts are here to help you with your cyber strategy before your business is the next target.

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