The benefits of WiFi to businesses

“FREE WiFi” – It’s everywhere! Most establishments such as in café’s, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, etc. But why offer free WiFi? I’m sure the first answer that came into your mind is for “customer satisfaction”. Yes, that is one of the many reasons why business establishments offer free WiFi.

But, what is the benefits businesses can get from having free WiFi? Companies, especially small businesses can stay competitive and efficient.

Here are the 3 main benefits of free WiFi in a business:

1. For your customers

Customer satisfaction is your main objective for running a business. Having a satisfied customer means repeat business for you. Your customers can be from students to young professionals to businessmen/businesswomen. If your business has WiFi access these people will see the advantages of going to your business often. Students can do their homework, research papers, etc. while enjoying a cup of coffee and cakes at your Coffee Shop. Young professionals and businessmen can set up their meetings and use your WiFi while enjoying a sumptuous meal at your restaurant.

It is important that you keep your WiFi accessible at all times and take extra measures in securing your network to avoid any trouble with your clients and to protect your network from any cyber threats.

2. For your employees

Providing a stable, reliable, and fast wireless internet connection to your employees will result in an increased productivity. With the WiFi connection on their devices, they can do their task even away from their desk. With the WiFi accessibility within the workplace, yiu can manage to use the VoIP system and other internet-based communication systems that can be used even if the other party is not in the office or is in fieldwork. Establishing a reliable wireless internet connection can also make your employee resourceful and flexible like for instance your employee can take phone calls via VoIP system while having a break or if your employee needs to be in a quiet place within your work area he/she can do so with the use of your WiFi.

3. For your business

1 + 2 = 3. Satisfied customer + happy employees = successful and profitable business. When you meet the first two priorities it is a clear sign that your business is on the right path. You will keep the competitiveness and will be one of the threats from other businesses. Always keep in mind that business is nothing without satisfied customers and happy employees. Always see to it that you are maintaining the security and privacy of your network while providing fast, reliable, and stable WiFi.


WiFi is now the main attraction in almost all businesses. WiFi can be used for a lot of things therefore it can be a source of cyberattacks. Having a preventive maintenance check on your network security will keep your network safe, secure, and protected. WiFi is one of the best investments for your company in exchange for a more profitable and successful business.

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