Tech tips to your employees to avoid distractions at workplace

Employee’s productivity plays a vital role in growing a business. Employees can deliver more than expected if they are focused on their work. However, we must face the reality that technology, sometimes cause distractions to employees that lead them astray. When this happens they are no longer performing well and in short they are not delivering what was asked of them.

We must also admit that technology is now a big part of our everyday living and routine. What could be best is to set some guidelines for using technology during work hours.

Here are some tech tips to your employees to avoid distractions and stay productive:

1. Inform and advise your employees on what technology is allowed during work hours. – By limiting your staff on what technology can and cannot be used during work hours will allow them to focus on their job. Set certain guidelines for using your business technology.

2. Do not allow devices during training and/or meetings. – Attendance is a must in every meeting but giving undivided attention during meetings and/or training is more essential. Electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets are the devices that hinder people in paying full attention.

3. Turn off notifications from devices during work hours. – Notifications from emails, social media, text messages should be in low volume or best in silent mode. In this way, the employees will not be tempted to stop whatever they are doing and they can focus more on doing their jobs.

4. Use Time Management software. – As we all know, time is precious most especially in business. Create a detailed, structured, and systematic schedule that will make the employees more productive and enthusiastic. Make sure that the schedule or time management you will create can be both beneficial to the business and your employees too.

5. Keep your workplace a happy place for everyone. – Having a nice, comfortable, and positive workplace will create productive employees. As many are saying, happy employees, means business growth. Keep your employees satisfied, content, and motivated at all times.


Technology is necessary in this day and age and can cause conflicts on the workplace. However with proper rules in place for your employees technology needs your business should not see a reduction in productivity. It is always better to balance things out to keep a healthy and productive workplace.

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