Nowadays, as technology grows, cyber threats are also moving at the same pace. Aside from the virus attack, the most common incident happening in the online world is identity theft.

So, how to keep your personal information safe and secured? We have listed below some tips that you may use in protecting your personal information.

1. Do not disclose any of your personal information through social media sites.

          Giving out your personal information through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a big NO-NO! Do not post any personal information or photos that will expose your personal detaisl. Also, do not give out your personal details via chat.

2. Create and keep your passwords secured and in private.

          A strong and complex password is recommended. Do not use a very typical password or the ones that can easily guess. Be more cautious in creating a password. Never use your name, birthday or SSN. Use a password-keeping software, site or app to keep all your passwords safe and secured.

3. Be cautious when using public WiFi.

          When using public WiFi, avoid opening sites that will lead you in putting your personal information. Don’t do any financial transactions such as online banking when you’re on a public WiFi.

4. Do not open suspicious emails, email attachments or links.

          When you do not know the sender or you are not familiar with the email you have received, better not to open it. Also, be careful when opening an attachment because phishing and scamming mostly come from it.

5. Download anti-virus software to your devices.

          Choose and download an anti-virus software that will block suspicious sites or activities. Scan your devices regularly to make sure you are not skipping any type of virus or malicious sites or apps.

6. Look for the Privacy Policies

          When visiting sites or doing transactions online, make sure to look for the Privacy Policies implementing by the site. Read it carefully and know your rights.


Securing the safety of your personal information is the ultimate task. Staying alert and keen on everything you do online will keep you away from internet harm most especially in cyber threats.

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