Most common Laptop issues

Just like any other hardware or devices, laptop computers can be damaged for so many reasons. Most people would say that owning a laptop can be difficult and high-maintenance. But just like other devices, laptop computers have their life expectancy and can slow down as time goes by.

Regardless of issues, laptop computers are highly recommended due their specifications especially being lightweight, portable, handy, and convenient to use. And with advanced technology, most people are rooting for a laptop rather than a desktop computer.

Let us give you the most common laptop issues and how to avoid it from happening.

1.  Broken Screen

          A broken screen can be caused by dropping the laptop from unmanageable height, another device was dropped while the laptop is open, pixelated imagines, visible horizontal or vertical lines and/or screen is flickering.

          Taking good care is the key to protect your screen from damage. Make sure that you positioned your laptop on a stable desk. There should be no small devices such as mobile phones or hard drives placed on top of your laptop.

2. Battery Pack

          Since the laptop computer is portable and handy, you can carry it anytime and anywhere and in most cases, you are just relying on the battery charge. The number one symptom that you possess a failing battery if it is no longer holding the charge or the charge is not holding its usual time. If this scenario happened to you, better look for a new battery that is suited to your laptop make/model or else it won’t work.

3. Hard Drive Failure

          There are many reasons for hard drive failure or damage. It can be damaged by viruses, power surge, corrupted files and/or malware attack. The most noticeable sign of hard drive failure is if your laptop’s performance is slowing down. Many laptop repair shops can fix or repair the hard drive. We recommend that whenever you feel that your hard drive is failing, do not hesitate to get an IT pro assistance.

4. Damaged CPU Fan

          The CPU fan in a laptop computer was installed internally and the main job of it to keep the laptop cooler and to prevent it from overheating. Therefore, if you are using a laptop with a damaged or broken fan overheating will most likely occur and if this happens, it can cause more damage to your computer.

          Make sure that once you turn your laptop on, you should hear a sound coming from the inside, sounds like you have opened a small fan in your laptop.


A laptop computer can last for about 5-6 years. Although with proper care and maintenance, it can go beyond its life expectancy. Taking good care of your laptop computer is the best habit to consider so that you can maximize the use of it. I disagree with those saying that a laptop computer is high-maintenance. I strongly believe that proactively doing preventive maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in repair or buying a new one.

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