Is Your Network Under Attack? Learn The Signs…

“How would I know if my network is under attack?” is a common question that we receive from organizations.

In addition to this trend, we see these other concerns:

  • Are we at risk of a cyberattack? If so, how can we mitigate our risk?
  • How much damage could an attack cause to our organization?


Signs Your Network is Under a Cyber Attack:

  • Your computer is running noticeably slow, and keeps lagging, crashing, or refreshing by itself.
  • Your mouse is moving without your control. It is clicking without your instructions - meaning the hacker is in control of your computer.
  • You’re experiencing a significant decrease in your network performance, which is a result of a DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) attack that was attempted or made on your network. A DDoS attack can involve some guests sent to a single server or a considerable number of connection attempts from many IP addresses.
  • You have received error messages that you haven’t seen before. Seeing an error message could be a problem with either your hardware or software causing inaccessible computers and files.
  • An increase in number of pop-up ads may appear on your computer. Malware is the type of software that has been installed on your computer without your knowledge.
  • You are seeing unfamiliar files on your computer that you didn’t download or create. Malware can do a handful of malicious things, including removal/encryption of files and using your system to send spam emails.
  • Your default language, and your browser font size have been changed without your consent and knowledge.


What Can You Do?

We’d recommend partnering with a managed service provider with a cybersecurity-first mindset, like Jackson Technologies. Paul Jackson, CEO, and Cybersecurity Specialist, has a dedicated process with a four-step framework to provide your business with the best cybersecurity services. We can identify, address, and provide solutions for your security concerns, making your business safer all around. Interested in a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment that will expose these underlying vulnerabilities and security gaps?


We’ll run the proper scans, present our findings, offer recommendations, and help you mitigate your cyber risk! Contact us for more details.