In business, securing data is the most important matter to consider. Keeping your data secured from outside intruders is the high priority. Passwords, business information, personal information (employees or clients), and financial details are the data that no one would want to be exposed or taken by hackers and/or spammers.

Today, we’ll share with you the tips on how your data can be secured.

1. Operating System updates

Operating System is an important part of your computer’s life. Updating your operating system whenever it is available will increase the security details of your network. Updates are really necessary, to begin with. It is not there for nothing. Make it a habit! Always check the operating system updates.

2. Password

Password is sensitive information. Passwords should be hard however they need to beeasy for you to remember. Sometimes, we tend to forget our passwords or it is so easy for an outsider to guess what it is. There are many apps or software that can be used to store your password securely. One best example is LastPass, it is a free tool.

3. Secure your wireless network

Securing your wireless network can save you and your company from getting attacked by an outsider. Hide your wireless network so it can’t be accessed by just anyone who doesn’t have any business to be in your network. Secure your WiFi network with a password and do not show your wireless network publicly.

4. Install a Firewall

Firewall can block users to browse unrelated, malicious, and unauthorized websites. Firewall can also block IP addresses, protects the network from viruses worms, and most especially hackers.

5. Install an anti-malware program

 Malware is a serious threat to your network. Once it gets into your network, the possibility of data loss will most likely to happen. There are lots of anti-malware program/service that can be downloaded and can be easily installed.

6. Back up your data

This is one of the important things every business should know. Backing up data must be a habit. One of the best system or tool that can be used to back up data is CLOUD service. CLOUD service offers nothing but the best when it comes to data storing.

7. Always turn off your computer

When work is done, make sure to close everything you are working on and turn off your computer. This is a very simple task but can make a huge impact to secure your data.


Your company data is very essential and it needs proper attention. Not paying attention in securing your data, the worst can happen. It may not be just a business loss but may cost you thousands of dollars for the information that was taken away from you.

At Jackson Technologies, security is our main goal. We can give recommendations on what type of service does your business needs in terms of data security.

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