Companies rely on technology on a daily basis. If computer systems are not functioning properly, business owners can face downtime, leading to a decrease in productivity.

Business owners need to ensure that I.T. infrastructure is updated at all times, network equipment is up and running efficiently and all company data is safe and protected. These are just some of the I.T. services that require solid attention. The question now is - who can provide the best support for them?

In-house support includes individuals who are typically hired full-time in their office, and are responsible in maintaining and troubleshooting all aspects of their technology. On the other hand, outsourced support comes from a team of experts who provides and manages the company's technology, and intervenes when help is needed.

Outsourcing I.T. has a lot of benefits that are proven to be very promising for the business. One major advantage is not having to worry about your I.T. staff taking a vacation and leaving you without assistance while they’re gone - an outsourced I.T. team will always have someone available for you.


4 Reason why you should choose Outsourcing IT:

COST-EFFICIENT - Outsourcing I.T. is cost-effective - you won't have to pay for full-time employees. Hiring, training and benefits are costly for your in-house provider. By outsourcing, you will only pay for the hours they spend fixing or attending to your I.T. needs.

SCALABILITY - Outsourced IT can be scaled up or down. It is flexible and can be customize based on what you need and want.

EFFICIENCY - Once you’re set with outsourcing your services, you will no longer be dependent on one person or small team to handle your I.T. needs. You will have full access to a team of professionals equipped with knowledge and the latest in technology.

TEAM OF EXPERTS - Once you acquire the services of you will no longer be dependent on one person or small team to handle your IT needs. You will have a full access to team of professionals equipped with knowledge and the latest in technology.


If you're looking for lower costs and efficient services, outsourcing I.T. is your best solution. Paul Jackson, the CEO of Jackson Technologies, has studied and went on numerous training sessions on outsourcing and becoming a reliable Managed Service Provider. For quote and service consultation, contact our team of experts at 412-853-3708 or email us at [email protected]


For quotes and service consultations, contact our team of experts at 412-853-3708 email us at [email protected]