How To Keep Your Confidential Data Safe?

Each day, we are becoming more vulnerable online as cybercriminals are creating advanced strategies and tactics to defeat us.

Organizations and individuals must implement cyber safety to protect their networks and systems from all kinds of cyberattacks. IT services and IT consulting handled by an outsourced organization, like Jackson Technologies, will help you avoid downtime and protect your business data.


Tips to keep your confidential data safe:

  1. Set complex passwords: The first line of security for your sensitive information is your password. Ensure your passwords are lengthy, challenging, and specific to you.
  2. Don't share too much on social media: Hackers may utilize information about your life to respond to the challenge questions on different accounts. Never share your full name, SSN, address, phone number, PIN, or account numbers on websites that are accessible to the general public.
  3. Be wary of free WiFi: These put you in danger of having your online activities tracked by others, and some malware can be transmitted via WiFi.
  4. Invest in antivirus software: Installing a reliable antivirus tool on your computer can further strengthen your protection. There are many basic and free antivirus programs available, along with more advanced paid options that add additional protection options.
  5. Make a data backup: Whether you go for hardware (external hard drive) or software (cloud-based), be sure your data is backed up to a secure location. This lessens the possibility of ransomware, in which hackers hold your data captive in exchange for a fee.


Data breaches should be taken very seriously by organizations and individuals. Data breaches involve losing personal information, business confidential data, and in some cases, even selling your data to the dark web. Paul Jackson, our CEO/Cybersecurity specialist, is experienced in servicing different kinds of companies and will work to build a strong cybersecurity culture at your small or medium-sized business.

Don't let cybercriminals ruin your business. Get your cyber strategy in line now.