How to choose the best wireless access point for your business


As the competition in the business world gets harder and harder, owners keep on finding ways to upgrade network systems to serve their business better, provide great customer service, and give their employees the best tools and devices to be more efficient and productive.

Having a fast, stable, and reliable WAP (Wireless Access Point) in the business is beneficial. The piece of hardware is always in use and very important to choose the best to serve your needs. The better the connection is the better chance of serving your business.

But, for starting a company or small business, how do you choose what is the best or most suitable WAP for your business need? Here are some of the key points to remember in choosing the best WAP.

1. Consider your business coverage area

You have to know first the exact range of the WAP that you will be getting for your business. It is said that one access point is equivalent to roughly 150 square meters. So, if your coverage area is beyond 150 sqm, you may need to get more than one access point.

2. Consider the number of users

It is said that 30 users can use a single access point at the same time and can still have a good internet connection.  However, different WAPs have different user capacities. For example, for a typical office with 50 or fewer internet users, it is best to have at least two access points. Always remember that user overload can cause slow internet speed and worse it can cause downtime.

3. Consider the usage

Having tons of applications, software, and systems needed to be used by one user is a big factor in choosing the best access point for your business.

4. Consider the WAP specifications

It is always best to check the specs of the access point before getting and deploying it to your business. There are too many WAPs in the market that show their difference from the other. It is always best to conduct a survey first before choosing the WAP that suits your business needs.

TOP 5 WAP brands in the market:

  1. Adtran BlueSocket
  2. Cisco Meraki
  3. Ubiquiti
  4. TP-Link Wireless
  5. Aruba


In choosing the best access point for your business needs one must do extensive research. Internet speed relies on both your ISP and the hardware you are using. It is always best to list down your business needs versus your business wants so you can weigh everything down and be able to come up with which WAP brand is best for your business.

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