Cyber hygiene has become a popular discussion in all types of business segments. Cyber hygiene begins with enhancing security awareness and ends with building a structured and smart cyber strategy to avoid possible risks.


Basic Steps in Promoting Cyber Hygiene:

  1. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication: Requiring users to verify who they say they are via two or more unique security factors will virtually eliminate more than half the threats and risks associated with exposed user credentials.
  2. Consider Single Sign On (SSO) and Password Management Solution: The combined benefits of a Secure SSO and Password Management platform will enable your entire workforce to adapt and thrive in a security-first environment while reducing password frustration and fatigue for users and empowering increased productivity.
  3. Ongoing Security Awareness Training for Users: Establish ongoing security awareness training for all users and turn your weakest link into your strongest security defense.
  4. Perform Regular Risk Assessments: Performing regular assessments will allow you to stay in the know and enable you to achieve and maintain a more preventative approach to security, often eliminating issues or problems before they arise.
  5. Back-Up Everything: You must ensure your business and customer data is protected and secured against any incident or disaster such as system failure, human error, hackers, ransomware, and everything in between.
  6. Invest in Cyber Insurance: A hacker only needs a single gap or weak point in your security systems to slip past your defenses like a trojan horse. Every business in operation today needs cyber liability insurance to protect their business when all else fails.


A good cyber hygiene strategy must be comprehensive, detailed, integrated, and optimized. Paul Jackson and the team at Jackson Technologies truly care about and prioritize keeping your business data safe. We can accomplish this by providing your business with a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to reveal your cyber risks. After we locate your security gaps, we can help you make amends and completely manage your risk!