5 Simple ways to improve Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Okay, so you have already acquired a Cyber Security service for your business… So what’s next? As we all know, technology grows and changes really fast and because of that cyber threats and criminals are also doing their best to keep up at the same pace as the technology.

Keeping your business secured and protected from cyber threats is quite difficult and sometimes tricky. So how can you improve or strengthen your Cyber Security using your own simple ways? Here’s what we got for you…

1. The importance of Passwords

          The first thing you should remember is the importance of passwords. Once your password has been exposed it is “game over”. The person who stole your password can have access to your personal information as well as your very sensitive data such as your SSN, financial details, and more.

          For your business to keep up the security, a strong password should be implemented at all times. Better yet, have an automated password update, wherein employees will be asked for a password update like every month, 3 months, 6 months or depends on how you’d set it up.

2. Use a Password Manager

          Taking your password seriously means a lot to your business security. In creating a password it should be strong that no one would ever guess your password. Working in different tools or systems might need more passwords and it is always best to have different passwords in different software or applications. Remembering too many passwords is a difficult task, but with the use of a Password Manager, you can save all your passwords in just one place. LastPass is just one of the many Password Manager apps that you can get for free.

3. Software updates

          Software developers are consistently working to upgrade and provide us the best service. They keep on developing and finding different ways to make sure that security is always on top. Updating your software whenever it is available will help secure your system and patches on some bugs that have been resolved by the developers. They are making sure that there are no loopholes for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

4. Provide Cyber Security training to your employees

          Giving your staff the proper cybersecurity ttraining is one step towards maintaining the security in your network. If your employees know the importance of cybersecurity, they will have the initiative to take proper actions to protect not only the business data but also their personal information.

5. Delete or remove unused files and apps

          Deleting or removing unused apps and files is not only giving you some free space but also it helps the system to be more secure against cyber attacks. Unused apps are most likely the disregarded ones therefore; it has not been updated as it used to be and it can be a gateway for cyber threats. Practice a regular clean up on your computer to remove unused files and apps.


          Cyber Security is vital in every business whether it is big or small. Cyber threats and criminals don’t really care what size your company is as long as they can have what they need from you. It is always best to keep your business one step ahead of these threats and stay on top of everything.

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