What is Remote Desktop Service? Why do you need it?

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Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a technology offered by Microsoft Windows that allows multiple users to access different applications, files, data, and virtual desktops from their centralized server.


RDS is a cost-effective method of establishing different applications to enterprises which will allow users to access graphical desktops remotely and conveniently. You can easily access a certain desktop remotely through the central controls. There are also some troubleshooting workaround that can be done remotely.


How does RDS work?

Remote desktop services (RDS) works in two essential ways - first, to provide server-hosted access to restricted apps from offices with slow connectivity and second, to give users the access to sensitive company apps or files from their own computers. This grants anytime, anywhere without risking the safety of the entire network system.


3 Basic Benefits of RDS

  • Optimize personalization: You can create your own user profile to safeguard special settings across the group of virtual desktop collections.
  • Better management: You can manage team meetings and virtual collections. You can easily configure RemoteApp programs and add servers from a centralized console.
  • Cheaper storage: For live migration between computers, you can use local storage. For personal virtual desktops, you can find the storage on the network.


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) provides multiple advantages to businesses including productivity, efficiency, cost-efficient, and fast solution to technical issues.

As Jackson Technologies continues to provide quality managed services, Paul Jackson, the CEO and owner came up with this added service that will be beneficial both for the company and the MSP. Providing advanced services for our clients is our main goal.


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