What is Multi-factor Authentication and How Does It Work?

Multi-factor Authentication(MFA) is a method that allows the user to put an additional security in accessing different applications, online banking, online shopping, and/or to gain access to different resources. It requires the user to provide additional verification details to get an access into their accounts.

Multi-factor authentication(MFA) is a core component of a strong Identity and Access Management (AIM). This method also helps the users to establish security and protection from cyberattacks. Aside from having an additional layer of security to your personal information, the main benefit of MFA is to enhance the cybersecurity of businesses or organizations as a whole.



Multi-factor authentication works by requiring an additional verification process before the user can access any desire app or site. One of the most common form of MFA is the OTP or One-Time Password. This code is normally sent via SMS, email or mobile app. Upon setting up the MFA, it will require the user to register their mobile number or email address. With OTP being present, when you login to your account, you have to input your username and password and once done, a random code will be generated and will be sent to the phone number or email address you have provided for the said app. You won't be able to access the app without entering the OTP. This will decreases the possibility of a cyberattack.



  1. KNOWLEDGE - Password or PIN

Examples: Answers to security questions, password, One-Time Password(OTP)

  1. POSSESSION - Badge or smartphone

Examples: OTPs generated by smartphone apps, OTPs sent via SMS or email, access badges, smart cards or fobs.

  1. INHERENCE - Biometrics such as fingerprints or voice/face recognition

Examples: Fingerprints, facial/voice recognition, iris scan, hand scan or other Biometrics methods.


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