Common PRINTER problems and solutions

A printer is now a necessity whether you have a business or even use it in your home. Most printers are used for multi-purpose, aside from printing purposes you may also do scanning and photo copying of documents an/or photos. But just like any other devices, printers can also be a pain if it is not properly maintained and taken care of.

Not all printers are the same. They may have similar specifications, but they also have some distinct differences. But one thing is for sure, they have common problems that you might be encountering. And today, we’ll share to you some of the common problems and solutions.

1.  Printer is unable to print

  • Check if there is an error message that has appeared on your printer screen
  • Make sure that cables, USB or any device attached to your printer are properly connected.
  • Verify if your printer driver and software are both installed from the computer where you are printing.
  • Check if your printer doesn’t have any sign of physical damage or watermarks.
  • If you see an error message, locate the exact error in the user manual and resolve the issue.

2. Slow printing process

  • Reboot your printer. Turn off your printer; unplug all cables and wires connected to it. Wait for about 60 seconds, properly connect all cables and wires and turn it on.
  • Check your USB cable or use a different USB cable.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
  • Check the printer settings
  • Verify the network status and connectivity

3. Bad text and photo quality

  • Verify the print settings.
  • Check the toner and cartridge and make sure they are both in good condition.
  • Try to shake the cartridge and plug it back into the printer.

4. Printing can be costly

  • Know if you want to use a low or high capacity ink cartridges
  • Make sure that the cartridges you are using are compatible with your printer.
  • Check the market if you can use a generic cartridges or the branded one.

5. Printer creating paper jams

  • Make sure of the alignment of your paper. It should be properly stacked before inserting the paper tray.
  • Do not wait for the paper to get empty, refill while it still has a few sheets of paper left.


A printer is one of the easiest devices to use or operate. Choosing the right printer that is suitable or compatible with your needs will generally cost less.

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