What is a Wireless Access Point (WAP) and how it helps companies…

JCC has performed and completed numerous Wireless Access Point (WAP) jobs. From installation to troubleshooting errors, the JCC team has done it all. But what is a WAP and how does it actually work?

Wireless Access Point (WAP) or simply Access Point (AP) is a small networking device that allows Wi-Fi capable device to connect easily to a wired network. In most companies or businesses, AP is usually connected to the router or modem, but for home or residences AP is normally attached inside the modem. The AP works as a bridge to all devices that have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access, making their connection smoother and stronger.

With any electronic device there is a potential for errors. For the AP the JCC team is asked about the potential for lost or dropped connections. When they’re asked why it happens the techs often have to dodge misinformation that has been passed on to their clients. Of course, there’s a lot of troubleshooting steps that you may find online. However, we must understand that not all issues are the same, or usually as simple as those that you can find online. Issues vary depending on how the AP and other attached devices are being used.

Basic steps in troubleshooting your AP:

  1. Check the physical device. It should have no physical damage.
  2. Check indicator lights. If it’s on or off, an indication of its getting power and also might be flashing or show colors that indicates actual error.
  3. Test AP connected directly to switch/power.

Above steps are the basic and most used troubleshooting steps. There are number of reasons why an AP may stop working or lose its connection. If you have walked through the above troubleshooting steps and the issue still remains, it is time to seek help from the I.T professionals. If you’re not familiar with the machine, attempting to do repairs may lead to a much worse scenario.

Why call JCC in all regards to AP needs?

  1. JCC technicians are equipped with up to date knowledge in the networking world.
  2. JCC has the most advanced tools that can be used in troubleshooting the issue.
  3. JCC will repair and test the devices making sure all is working before leaving the site.
  4. JCC provides staff training and remote and/or emergency assistance.

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