HARD DRIVE… what you need to know about it.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD), hard drive or hard disk is an electromechanical device used to store data and digital content (pictures, videos, music, games, documents, applications, etc.) as well as your operating system. Hard drives can be either external or internal. Floppy disk drives, tape drive, thumb drives are all examples of external hard drives. On the other hand, an internal hard drive is the one that is placed inside your computer along with the other computer component.

The importance of Hard Drive

          The hard drive plays a vital role in your computer system. This is where you store your digital content. The bigger your hard drive the better, a higher capacity for storage ensures you can store as much data as you need. It may be the most important component of your computer; as your computer’s performance will relies heavily on the size and speed of your hard drive.

Common reasons of hard drive failures:

  1. Physical damage – For an external hard drive, physical damage could be exposure to water or fire. For internal hard drive, it could be failure of the motor due to impact – like you dropped your computer, bumped it extremely hard or had a heavy thing fall on your computer.
  2. Corrupted file system– This mostly happen when a virus gets into your computer system or you install faulty applications. Since your hard drives stores your data, it’s extremely susceptible to this kind of damage.
  3. Heat – This can happen when there’s no proper ventilation. If the air filter of your computer catches too much dusk, gets clogged or is not working properly your computer won’t be able to cool itself down. If your computer runs too hot, it can cause permanent damage to your hard drive and other systems in your computer.
  4. Electronic failure – This can happen due to external power interruption or if your computer is suddenly turned off and your drive is still in writing status.
  5. User error – This can happen if the operating system is installed incorrectly or if the system registry systems are altered.

Tips on how to prevent Hard drive failures:

  1. Place your computer in a clean, safe, room temperature area.
  2. Avoid downloading any malicious or faulty applications.
  3. Make sure that the air ventilation system in your computer is in good condition. Wipe any dusk blocking the air flow both internally and externally as needed.
  4. Avoid altering or modifying the system registry settings as it is set automatically based on your computer.
  5. Turn off your computer properly. Make sure that there are no programs running before shutdown, even in the background.
  6. For external hard drives, make sure to purchase them from a trusted store and ask for warranty in case of a defect on the manufacturer’s part.

Hard drive problems major concern of most businesses because the vital information that is stored on their computers is often irreplaceable. It would be a major loss for the business if this problem occurs. They can avoid mishaps and lost of data by having an I.T. partner that will take care of their data and ensure that temporary problem with their hard drive doesn’t become permanent problem for their business.

 JCC TEAM – the right people to call…

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How to reach us?

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