DIY solutions for basic computer problems

If you own a computer – whether you are a regular user or not, you must be prepared to encounter different kinds of computer issues. These issues range from minor to major ones. But do not freak out! There are basic solutions for basic computer problems and that is what we are going to share with you…

1. Computer won’t start.

If your computer has difficulty starting up or is not powering on, the first thing you should check is the power supply. If you are using a laptop computer and if it’s not turning on with your battery pack in, that could only mean you have a faulty battery pack. Try to remove the battery from your laptop and plug it directly to the power outlet. If you are using a desktop computer and it is not booting up, try to check the power supply by plugging in another device. You can also try plugging it to another outlet to determine if it’s a power outlet issue or computer issue.

2. WiFi keeps on disconnecting

This issue can be a tricky one because you have to try different things to know exactly where the issue is coming from. First, check different devices to know if it is a device issue or not. Second, check your router/modem – make sure that you are showing a green light. Third, call your ISP to know if there’s any line issue in your area.

3. Slow internet

Having a slow internet connection can be caused by many factors. The first thing to do is to clean your computer cache, browsing history, and cookies. Delete unused files and apps from your computer. You may also run your antivirus scanner to make sure that your computer is not infected by a virus.

4. Overheating issue

This is one computer problem that can be easily solved. Make sure that your computer has sufficient cooling system. Make sure that there is proper air ventilation – there should be no blockage such as dust or small debris. Do not place your computer in a warm area or where it can be hit by direct sunlight.

5. Windows won’t boot

When you experience this Windows that won’t boot, the only thing you have to do is to uninstall and reinstall it with the Windows recovery disk.


Knowing the basics of troubleshooting can make your computer life easier. Owning a computer can be hard at times especially when dealing with computer issues. Educate yourself with the basic issues and solutions.

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