Most people now are using a laptop computer due to its convenience and portability. Running time of laptop batteries vary in many factors. Factors such as the age of your laptop, what applications you are using, how you configure your settings, and so on.

Today, we will share with you some tips on how to lengthen and preserve your laptop’s battery life.

1. Adjust the brightness setting

When working in a well-lit location adjust the brightness of your laptop. This way, you are prolonging the battery life of your computer a bit. Check if your laptop has the option to automatically adjust the brightness based on your surroundings, this simplifies your need to worry about doing it manually as it will do it automatically.

2. Check your apps

Check all of your downloaded apps. Make sure that those apps are not automatically running in your background every time you open your laptop. Sometimes, we are not paying attention to the apps that we have on our laptop. Make sure to check them regularly to make sure that they are not drawing energy from your laptop’s battery.

3. Disconnect your WiFi and Bluetooth

When not in use, disconnect your WiFi and Bluetooth. These two are the culprit that makes your laptop’s battery life short. Make it a habit of turning it off when you are done using your laptop.

4. Have an extra battery

Having an extra battery can be a big help in prolonging the life of your laptop’s battery. From time to time, you can switch the actual battery to the spare one. But you need to make sure to purchase an extra battery that is compatible with your laptop or else it would be useless at all.


Taking good care of your laptop battery will not only give you more time to use your laptop without the worry of charging it but it may also save you hundreds of dollars in purchasing a new laptop. Take extra measures to ensure that your laptop’s battery is in good condition at all times.

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