In today’s article, we will share to you the difference of a wired router from a wireless router. As we all know, a router is a networking device that connects devices such as computers, mobile devices, tablets to the internet.

WIRED ROUTERS use Ethernet cables to connect your computer to a router. On the other hand, a WIRELESS ROUTERS need a wireless network card with an access point in order for computers to access the Internet.

While many of us is asking which is faster – the wired or wireless router? There isn’t really a big difference in terms of internet speed. Though, Ethernet can boost your internet speed when using wired router. Internet speeds will depend on how many computers are connected in a single router. Wired routers can also use more bandwidth compared to a wireless router. This entitled the wired router to get faster than the wireless one.

Therefore, regardless if you are using a wired router or wireless router there would come a time that your internet speed might go low, connection loss or faulty router. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that you may use when you router stop working:

  • Check the physical appearance of your router. There should not be any sign of damage or torn cables.
  • Check the signal light of your router to know if it is active or not.
  • Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to verify that there is no signal interruption in your area or a system update on their end that may affect your connection.
  • Turn off your router and unplug all the cables attach to it.
  • Wait about 60 seconds then plug the cables back in and turn your router on.
  • Make sure that your WiFi adapter drivers and WiFi router firmware is currently updated.

When you have done all the above troubleshooting steps and still you cannot get on the internet or if your connection is keep on dropping, call an I.T. professional to help you resolve the issue.

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