Why people still love Desktop computers? Find the answers here…

Did you know that desktop computer was first introduced to the public in 1964? It was invented by Pier Giorgio Perotto. From there, there were too many computer enhancements and editions that came up. Manufacturers and companies are so into it and they hired the best inventors and programmers to make the best technology in the computer world. And the rest is history…

Since we are living in a world where computer technology is one of the basic needs, people are looking for a computer that best suits their needs. In the beginning, it is only desktop computers but now, we can have laptop computers. But despite the popularity of laptop computers, why people still love and use desktop computers? Today, we’ll discuss the advantages and what we like most in desktop computers.

  1. Bigger and upgradeable/replaceable RAM.
  2. Desktop components such as monitor, keyboard, CPU, and internal parts can be replaced easily.
  3. Upgradable CPU and graphics card ca be done easily in desktop computers.
  4. Easy to repair. When something bad happens to your desktop, you can trace which component has gone bad and you can replace or have it repaired in at low cost.
  5. Desktop computers have a bigger processor which makes it more powerful.
  6. Desktop computers are also the best choice for gaming purposes due to its more powered video cards.
  7. Monitor. Desktop computers can have a monitor that is much larger than laptops.
  8. Keyboard. Desktop computers come with a full-size keyboard which includes a number pad. More keys and has no limitations.
  9. Longer life. If your desktop computer has an upgraded processor and RAM, it can last for at least 10 long years.

After giving you the advantages and the reason why people still use and love desktop computers, it would still up to your needs and what suits your budget. We must always consider – the “what”, “why”, and “how”.

  1. WHAT – What are the specifics, features, cost, and/or brand/model you like.
  2. WHY – Why you need the computer? Why you’re looking for the specific details of a computer.
  3. HOW – How are you intending to use your computer?

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