Why businesses should practice Preventative Maintenance?

Just like the old saying goes “It is better late than sorry.”

Businesses invest a lot of money on their equipment, including their network system. We want our equipment to perform at its best and but maximize its full functionality. However, businesses must remember that their equipment needs to be working at the same time as their employees. Sometimes our equipment can be running 24/7. So, how do we keep the condition of equipment in good working order? The best answer is, perform regular preventative maintenance.

What are Preventative Maintenance and the importance of it?

Preventive Maintenance is a type of maintenance service that is performed regularly to equipment, machines and/or devices to know its current physical condition and to reduce the possibility of failing. This service needs to perform while the hardware is in good working condition so as to prevent the possibility of a breakdown that can be unexpected.

Preventive maintenance also assures the ideal condition of the equipment and preserves its life span. As we all know, all equipment has its own expectancy but for networking equipment, most of the hardware can last for about 3-5 years. Even if your equipment is the top of the line, it can still slow down or break easily if it is not properly maintained. Since preventive maintenance should be done while equipment is working properly, a slight disruption is nothing compared to the benefits you will receive once the maintenance is complete. Expect the equipment to be on its full functionality, with little to no downtime, and the result is a longer life expectancy.

2 Types of Preventative Maintenance

1. Time-based preventive maintenance – this is a type of maintenance that is regular or scheduled service. Normally businesses set a regular time for the maintenance, it could be quarterly or semi-annual, it depends on how the equipment is being used.

2. Usage-based preventive maintenance – from the word itself “usage”, this type of maintenance will depend on the usage of equipment. This is normally done in vehicles, like doing maintenance every 15,000km.

How to plan a Preventive Maintenance:

  • Choose the right people to perform the job.
  • Make a list of your needs for the preventive maintenance service.
  • Note which equipment will undergo maintenance.
  • Know the best time to do the scheduled/regular maintenance.


Preventive maintenance is a service that should not be taken for granted, because it is a benefit to your business in the end. Yes, there is a cost but that is only pennies compared to the peace of mind that you will receive, knowing that your assets are always in their best condition and your business is not suffering unexpected downtime.

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