The business has a lot of data to save. Data such as clients details, employees details, financial information, inventory, and so on. Having a back-up solution is essential especially in case of a data breach.

In this article, we’ll share with you the reasons why having a back-up solution is important.

1. Security threats

Security threats such as hackers, scammers, and viruses are the main culprit of data loss. The moment these threats penetrated on your network system your data is most likely has been compromised.

2. Human errors

We have to admit the fact that even with the latest and top-of-the-line technology; still it is human who are handling it. Data loss sometimes happens in the hands of the users. To ensure data recovery your business must have a back-up software to retrieve the data easily.

3. Competition wise

Having a back-up solution will keep your business in a competitive mode. For instances like a disaster and other extenuating circumstances, getting back up to the business is the number one factor to determine that your business is on top of everyone else’s. The first business to get back on track will give you the edge from the others.

4. Hardware failure

Even having regular maintenance to keep your networking equipment in good condition, sometimes unexpected things happen in your devices and if that happens, you do not have to worry if you have a back-up solution since you’ll be able to recover them in no time.


Having a back-up solution will ensure business continuity in terms of data recovery and getting back on track after being hit either by internet threats or disaster. Downtime due to data loss hurts not only the customers but also the company itself. With a back-up solution, it will help the business to establish a recovery protocol.

Jackson Technologies top service priority is to offer business continuity to our clients. Ensuring that no matter happens their data can be quickly recovered in no time. Jackson Technologies gives you an edge over other businesses in terms of offsite or onsite backup.

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