From our previous articles, we have constantly mentioned about cybersecurity and how important it is. Today, we continue that discussion and give you more information on cybersecurity.

The question now is: WHO NEEDS CYBERSECURITY?

First off, cybersecurity is a type of software that will protect all internet-connected devices, systems, data, and software against cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is a must as you need your data protected. Cybersecurity is imperative in businesses. Regardless of the company’s size, cybersecurity is indeed one of the important parts of their network. In most cases, cybercriminals attack small to medium-sized businesses. They tend to do so because of the lack of security measures that protect and guard their network system which make it quite easy for them to grab and steal a business’ sensitive data.

Why is it important?

The explanation of why it is important is quite simple; it is to safeguard your business from internet-based criminals. Cybersecurity will protect your business from data breach/loss, computer damage and/or network/system damage.

A business that has a strong and stable cybersecurity system that will make them a hard target. Establishing a strong and stable cybersecurity system will save your business from cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity benefits

  • Secured data and network system
  • Preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Increases recovery time after a data breach
  • Increases business reputation and stability
  • Protection of your network from cyberattacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing, etc.


Businesses are the ones vulnerable from cyber attacks, therefore cybersecurity enhancements and improvements should always be the IT priority. Cybersecurity can protect your assets and saves you hundreds of dollars and your company too. It is an investment that is worth every penny of your business.

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