Which is better – a PC or a MAC? Weigh in now…

Deciding whether to get a MAC computer or PC can be seriously tricky. Both computers are attractively beautiful and have their own best qualities. Choosing the right one for you will depend on the things you will consider before buying one.

And today, we’ll give you some tips on how to make an informed decision and get you on the right track without making the decision miserable…

1. Operating Systems

The question here is – Are you more comfortable using a Windows OS or iOS? In terms of Windows, it is compatible with most PC’s and iOS is only meant for Apple devices which includes Mac computers. You first step is to decide whether to go with Windows or iOS operating systems.

2. Functionality

Would this computer be for personal, business or more of a gaming computer? Mac computers are being favored by graphic designers, musicians, video/photo editors and those who are into more serious and heavy designing work. On the other hand, for video gamers, the right choice would be PC.

3. Computer specification

PCs and Macs have different specifications. Choosing what is right for you can be narrowed down by streaming each category of their technical aspects. Storage and processors are two main factors to consider in choosing which is best for you. Mac computers standout when it comes to speed while PC’s have some extra details that are lacking on Mac’s like HDMI ports, touch screen monitors, etc.

4. Physical attribute

Looking for different designs and styles? PC’s take the prize for having a larger variety of options to choose from such as colors, thickness, keyboard design, touch screen and much more. Mac’s are well known for their sleek and business model designs.

5. Price

I couldn’t say more about this. Getting a new computer will boil down to how much your budget is. The higher the budget you have, the more chances of choosing which computer you want rather than the computer you can afford. However, we highly recommend that you don’t settle for a computer that fits your budget but not your needs.


The basis that we have provided you above will help you to determine what computer suits you. Always consider the quality of the product you are going to purchase. Take time to do some research most especially in terms of technical attributes. Do not let the a spur of the moment decision for what you want. Think and weigh the qualities of computers that best suits you and your needs.

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