What you need to know about RANSOMWARE

Ransomware? What is it and why you should be aware of it?

To those “techy” people, they can simply describe Ransomware like the “menace” in the world of computers, a “villain” in the group of superheroes or an “illness” that can overtake a healthy body. In these simple terms, I am sure you’re able to get the hint of what Ransomware is.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware as described by I.T. experts as the “kidnapper” in World Wide Web. This usually comes in the form of malicious software or attachments which encrypts documents, data or files. Ransomware attacks are not just to steal personal identification, data, and/or credentials but, what they often do is to place your information to their “hostage” and they will ask for monetary demand in return, that’s why it is called RANSOMWARE. Once you didn’t meet their monetary demand, worse thing is most likely to happen.

Where Ransomware does often attacks?

In most cases, ransomware attacks came from seemingly innocent or harmless apps or software, email attachments, malicious websites or simply in file attachments.

How to know if you have been attacked?

There’s only one way to know if malware has attacked you; on your display screen, you will see a flash message showing the ransom amount.

Two main types of Ransomware

According to Kaspersky, the two main types of ransomware are:

1. Locker – Locker programs is quite an easy attack. Attackers will just lock your computers’ functions or your access to the Internet.

2. Crypto – Crypto type of attacks is when the attackers encrypt your files or documents and will demand a payment as the ransom to release your files.

How to prevent a Ransomware attack?

First prevention is, do not open email attachments you are not sure of where it came from. If you think you are not familiar with the sender or something suspicious on the email message “DO NOT OPEN IT”. Also, refrain from visiting malicious websites or downloading malicious apps and software.

Install an anti-malware program or other anti-virus software that can detect ransomware.

Back-up your files, make it a practice! Use an external hard drive to save or store your files. In this way, once your files got attacked, you need not to worry since you have a back-up.

In business, add security measures to your network that will easily detect or block a ransomware attack. Invest in the right devices that will help you prevent this kind of issue.


Security of your data and files are very important. With the increasing growth of hackers in the World Wide Web, we should always be one step away from them. We should be wise enough to use our computers and the internet for us not to be a victim. Attackers are just waiting for their right time to harm, don’t give them a slight chance to get into you. Install the necessary security and protection software to prevent any kind of attack.

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