Most people have heard about Malware but little do they know what it is and the impact on their computer once attacked by Malware.

We will share with you anything you need to know about Malware and how you can prevent your computer from getting it.

Malware is a type of software that can put your computer’s overall performance at risk. There are 5 main types of Malware – Ransomware, Adware, Spy-ware, Virus, and Trojan. These different types of Malware also have different damages or impacts on your computer.

Watch out for these signs when attacked by Malware:

  • Unable to connect to the network
  • Your computer keeps on freezing
  • Computer programs are running slow, disconnecting or shutting down by itself
  • Your computer is crashing
  • Receiving Pop-up ads more than the usual
  • Overall computer performance is slowing down

5 Common Types of Malware:

1. Ransomware – is a type of malware that demands monetary payment for you to get your data back. One thing you’ll know that your computer got hit by Ransomware is when you cannot open any of your files and a message came up on your screen letting you know that your data has been compromised and payment is needed to get it back.

2. Adware – is a type of software that displays or downloads unwanted advertisements to your computer. You would know that your computer has been infected by Adware when you get too many pop-up windows wherein sometimes cannot be closed or terminated.

3. Spyware – from the word itself “Spy”, it is a type of software that gathers personal information saved from your computer and sends it to another person or group without your knowledge or consent.

4. Virus – this is one of the most common malware that computer users are getting. A virus can damage your files, software or apps stored on your computer. This can also steal your personal information from your computer.

5. Trojan or Trojan horse – is a type of malware that allows cybercriminals to get access to your entire computer system and steals your personal data. Trojan disguises as regular apps or software that you wouldn’t know that is harmful until you have downloaded it.

How to avoid Malware:

  1. Regularly scan your computer using your anti-virus software.
  2. Do not install unnecessary apps or software.
  3. Do not visit malicious or unsupported websites.
  4. Update your Operating System whenever is available.
  5. Always keep your anti-virus software updated.
  6. Install a security system or software to your computer.
  7. Think before you click.


          A malware attack can be prevented by being cautious and extra mindful of the sites or programs you are opening and downloading to your computer. Fill yourself up with the knowledge about different types of computer viruses and how to prevent them from getting into your computer.

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