CLOUD Service allows you to access applications, files, and data all in one software. You may say that it acts as your virtual assistant; it is always available and accessible to users via the Internet. Though using backups like hard drives are still in-demand, but having a CLOUD-based service is the most ideal, cost-efficient and recommended from small businesses to large-scale ones. Having a virtual or remote storage is very important as we always wanted our data within reach. For instances like loss of hard drives or damaged USB, you have to say your goodbyes to your files as you can no longer retrieve it. BUT with CLOUD storage, hardware malfunction will not result in data loss because CLOUD service has its own network back-ups. You can still get everything that you need remotely via an Internet connection.


Aside from CLOUD storage, another benefit of CLOUD service is, you’ll be able to use the CLOUD computing from your CLOUD Service provider. In case of system upgrades, this is a cost-efficient one too. You can save a couple of hundred bucks in doing so since the system and network upgrades are all included and will be handled by your CLOUD Service provider.


So why waste money on buying hard drives, USB and other storage if you can have a CLOUD service that can do it all.


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