Even though we are in modern times, there are still areas that have low cellular and data signals. But, because of the technology and continuous innovation, they came out with a Signal Boosters.

From the name itself, Signal boosters are designed to boosts your voice and data signals. With the use of signal boosters, there will be less dropped calls and it reduces downtime when using the internet. Though signal booster doesn’t create a signal, it improves weak 3G and 4G signals.

There are many types of Signal Boosters, naming a few are cell phone signal boosters, WiFi boosters, TV signal boosters, etc… In this article, we’ll discuss and focus cell phone signal boosters and wireless data signal boosters.

Cell phone signal boosters

It is a device to boost voice signals on your mobile devices. It boosts the 3G/4G signal most especially in weak spots. Cell phone signal boosters are composed of outside and inside antennas, a signal amplifier, and cables. Cell phone signal boosters work in any kind of mobile devices whether it is regular or smartphones. Also, since this has been certified by FCC and IC, it works in all major network carriers.

TOP 5 cell phone signal boosters that you can use:

  1. WeBoost Connect 4G.
  2. HiBoost F20G-5S-LCD
  3. Cisco AT&T Microcell Wireless
  4. SureCall Fusion2Go
  5. Mingcoll Dual-Band Amplifier

WiFi signal boosters

Connecting to the Internet can sometimes be hard most especially if you’re in a weak data signal area. First, you may think that you have consumed your data allowance or there are many internet users on the same network you are. But the first reason for your intermittent internet connection is poor WiFi signal.

WiFi boosters, repeaters, and extenders – they may look different but they do the same thing, to boost your data signal. It is a device used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network.

Here are the top WiFi boosters’ brands:

  1. NetgearAC1200
  2. Linksys RE5600 Dual Band
  3. D-Link WiFi Dual Band
  4. TP-Link RE350

Buying WiFi boosters, extenders or repeaters is a bit costly. Try the tips we will share with you on how to boost your WiFi signal.

  • Check your router for any sign of physical damage.
  • Place your router in the best location (top floor or center) where reception is better.
  • Make sure your router is updated. Old routers may not be as effective as they were.
  • Make sure there’s no large appliance or equipment that is blocking the WiFi signal.
  • Limit the number of devices connected to the WiFi.

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