What is a router and its benefits?

Most of you have heard the word ROUTER when talking about the internet or network system. BUT what exactly is a router and how does it work?

To make it simple, a router is a device that connects different devices within the network to transport data packets that can be sent between devices and/or to the internet. The router can be connected to two networks – LAN or WAN and ISP networks.

NOW aside from being able to connect different devices, what other benefits can you get from your router?

1. Internet sharing

As we have mentioned above, you can connect different devices using a router and be able to get on the internet all at the same time. In the case of businesses, since they have too many devices that need an internet connection, they normally install additional routers to support the demand.

2. Network security

Though routers are not the same as a firewall that can block malware, still routers are an important device to establish the security of the network against some viruses and cyber threats.

3. Network traffic

In a network where there’s no router, the network traffic can be horrible. It will result in slow internet connection. But with the use of a router, it can reduce network traffic by creating 2 domains – collision domains and broadcast domains.


The router is one of the important parts to build a strong and secure network system. For businesses, it is one thing that needs consideration to provide a stable and reliable internet connection. Choosing the right router will have a great IT impact on your business.

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