What is a MODEM? And how does it work…

MODEM which stands for MOdulator-DEModulator. It is an electronic device that converts analog data to digital data that is transmitted from computer to computer. Most of us are confused if a modem is also a router. Technically speaking, they are 2 different devices that have their own purpose. A router can be connected to a modem to spread out the internet access to all WiFi (not needed as the router spreads to wired and wireless) capable devices. A modem may vary depending on what type of internet service you will receive. If it’s a DSL connection, you will need a DSL modem. If you need a cable internet, then a cable modem is what you need. You can connect a router to a modem through an Ethernet cable and pass the internet connection to any internet capable devices. Today, for home use, most modem have a built-in router in it so you can connect your devices.

Most cable modems can last for about 3-4 years. And just like any other devices or equipment, upgrading or changing your modem on a timely manner will give you more reliability and efficiency in terms of its usage.

Modems can encounter issues too. Below are the most common reasons why your modem fails:

  • Physical damage.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Improper hardware set up.
  • Incorrect cable attachment.

When your modem is not working, use these easy troubleshooting steps to fix the problem:

  1. Check the lights on your modem. If you have a working modem, signal lights are green.
  2. Unplug all the cables connected to it and check if there’s no sign of physical damage. Verify that you have unplugged it all if you are no longer seeing any lights from the modem.
  3. Unplug your modem from the power source. Wait for about 60 seconds before turning it back on.
  4. Connect the cables one a time and wait for the green light to become stable.
  5. Try connecting to the internet.

When you have done these basic steps and still the issue remains, call your Internet Service Provider and verify with them that they are not seeing any issues on the back-end.

Do not attempt to perform extensive troubleshooting on your modem as it may worsen the issue. Better calls an I.T. expert to diagnose and have them do what is needed to repair the issue.

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